Review of The Great Gatsby

I have to say before this movie came out I went back and read the book since it had been a while since I had read it. Most of us had to read this book in Middle or High School.

I have to say that overall I really enjoyed this movie. The majority of it they did follow the book almost page for page, with really only slight changes to the storyline in order to help one narrate it and two to make sure that the pace of the movie did not drag. They did cut a subplot of the movie between Nick and Jordan but you do not really miss it so much because you are focusing on the story of Gatsby and what he wants with Mr. Nick Carraway.

The sets were some of the best I have seen in a while and made me wish I had been around during the roaring 20’s. Yes I know this is a more stylized version than what is probably out there but still the woman in their dresses, the men dressing up in suits and not a t-shirt and pants hanging off your butt. Cars that were about style as well as function. And of course the end of prohibition!

The one negative I really have about this movie is the soundtrack. There is such great sounds that came out of the 20s that could have been better incorporated into this movie than Jay-Z and his taking modern songs and giving them a 20s spin. I would loved to have seen him take the 20’s sound and given them a modern spin instead

If you are in doubt about this movie, go see it! It is a good story.


One thought on “Review of The Great Gatsby

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