Is Now You See Me Magic?


The movie opens up with us meeting the four main characters we have Michael Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) who is the charismatic controlling magician, Henley (Isla Fisher)  who is your shock and awe magician, Jack (Dave Franco) your street performing magician, and Merritt Osbourne (Woody Harrelson) your mentalist magician. In the beginning we see each and every one on their own doing their own performances and at the end of their show a tarot card with a meeting place is left for them by a mysterious man. Of course all four of them decide to show up to the designated time and place. The mysterious man is not  around but he has left them a message giving them a magic show.

    We meet back up with the four magicians a year later now calling themselves The Four Horsemen headlining in Las Vegas and about to do the finale. They randomly select a person in the audience to help them rob a bank. Instead of being an illusion though the Four Horsemen some how pull off actually robbing a bank in Paris, France while performing in Las Vegas. In come the FBI being headed by the reluctant Special Agent Dylan Hobbs (Mark Ruffalo) who is not only being forced to work on this case he is being saddled with a fresh off the desk Interpol agent Alma Vargas (Melanie Laurent). Let the hijinks ensue. During the interview process it quickly becomes apparent that the FBI and Interpol are at a loss on how to explain how they were able to pull off the bank robbery and therefore have to let the four magicians go.

    What ensues is the FBI following the Four Horseman around the country while they perform two more acts of magic and thievery. All the while the FBI is trying to figure out how they are doing what they are doing and why they are doing what they are doing. Everything comes to a close though in New York City where the Four Horsemen pull off their last magic trick and disappear.

My Thoughts:

    This movie is roughly two hours long but I thought the pacing was really too fast. I mean once we meet back up with The Four Horsemen in Vegas we see their finale and then they have been arrested, now we are in the next city and boom we are in the next city. I would have loved to see more focus on the magic side of this movie vice seeing it from the side of the FBI and how their bumbling antics. I mean The Four Horsemen were running circles around these poor guys and the FBI could seemly do nothing to stop them.

    Also Woody Harrelson had the best lines in this movie to me he stole the screen most of the time. Jesse Eisenberg also did a good job being the over controlling magician. Sadly Isla Fisher and Dave Franco seemed to get regulated to the background. Isla Fisher seemed to be there mostly for the eye candy appeal which in my opinion sucks, yes she is very beautiful but she is also a great Actor. Dave Franco did have a few moments to shine towards the end but otherwise was just there in the background.

    My biggest gripe about this movie though is the romance between Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent’s character, this is really not needed for this movie it also draws out the ending as well. I don’t know why Hollywood continues to believe that we need someone to fall in love in a movie to make it good. We don’t we go to work everyday and don’t end up making out with our co workers.


    This is a good movie or as I have called it a popcorn summer movie. It had the potential to be really good but just does not reach it. If you have seen Iron Man 3 and Star Trek and are looking for something to do one evening or weekend then yes go see this movie, but if not then wait for it to hit Netflix or Redbox.


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