Star Trek flies Into Darkness but does it come out?


Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is still the brash young Starship Captain that goes by what he feels needs to be done and does not mind breaking a few Starfleet regulations along the way. Still by his side is First Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto) friend and colleague who is always quick to point out to Kirk how many regulations he is breaking. At the beginning of the film we see Kirk breaking regulations and putting the crew at jeopardy which leads to him and Spock getting reassigned. That is until John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) shows up with a chip to grind with Starfleet. Kirk quickly gets his command back and is tasked with finding Harrison. What ensues is space battles, hand to hand combat and finding out who really is the bad guy in this movie.

My Thoughts:

First off it was hard writing this summary as well as writing my thoughts on this movie. One I do not want to give away spoilers as some places have done such as IMDB. Second there are plenty of people on Facebook and other review sites that are writing up spoilers about this movie.

I did enjoy this movie but there are some holes in it that really bothered me that I can talk about and not worry about spoiling anything for you. First is the simple fact that after the first movie where a Federation Planet was destroyed and then Earth was targeted the Federation has not learned anything from this. There is no planetary  defenses seen in this whole movie. Please don’t try to tell me that this is because the Federation is about peace, that is all well and good except that on every starship that they make they carry photon torpedoes and phasers.

Another element along the lines of planetary security is supposedly tensions are high between the Federation and the Klingons. But when Enterprise shows up not twenty minutes away from their home planet they one don’t get spotted by any sensors whatsoever and two there is no defenses around the planet! One race that you would think would be up to snuff on defense and warfare would be the Klingons! And I know this is J.J. Abrams re imaged Star Trek universe but I for one did not like the changes he made to the Klingon race.

Also did anyone get the feeling that some of the Starfleet uniforms were a little in line with Star Wars Imperial Officers? J.J. testing the costumes to see if they will work in his next film?

Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor, I have loved him in his role in Sherlock and believe that he does outstanding in this movie as well. Karl Urban as Bones is great as well he just seems to be able to nail DeForest Kelly‘s Bones on the head while stilling adding his own spin on the character. John Cho as Sulu had one great scene in this movie but then seemed to be regulated to the background.

Oh and yes lens flares make their lovely return to this movie. Some people like them I for one do not. You are sitting there watching the scene following the character and then boom lens flare right at you. This does nothing but pull me out of the scene, it has no useful purpose whatsoever. As well as the 3D. It’s not needed. I love how people says it adds depth to the movie, no it adds depth to the studios pocket cause they can charge you more to see the movie that is all they care about.

My Recommendation:

Its a fun film and of course its going to be a summer blockbuster because of the Star Trek fans and those that have been wishing for a sequel. But if you aren’t a Trekkie than it is a movie you can pass up until it comes out on Netflix and Redbox.

Remember as well that we do have a podcast that you can enjoy as well called The Awesome Movie Podcast. You can find it on Itunes, Sticher, and our homepage links are on the right hand side. This is also my last screening for the week, I do have a few coming up next week though and i will post about them over the weekend.



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