Does The Heat Sizzle or Fizzle?



Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is an agent that does not play well with other especially her fellow agents, she believes herself a one woman show and that all others are just there to back her up whenever she puts out the call. Agent Ashburn  gets sent up to Boston to hunt down a Drug Kingpin who is setting up shop in Boston. Agent Ashburn runs into one small problem Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) who does not take crap from anyone not even her boss and definitely not some stuck up Federal Agent from New York. So of course they are forced to work together and track down this new drug kingpin and stop him.

My Thoughts:

Sorry this movie just didn’t do it for me. Yes there are some parts where I laughed at the jokes but over all this movie fizzled out for me. One thing that stood out to me was Melissa McCarthy’s character just would not last long on the force in this day and age. She is using excessive force and enchanted interrogation that would just get the case thrown out of court. Not to mention all the harassment cases that her coworkers would file against her and lets not even bring up how she handles her boss.

Then we have Sandra Bullocks character which don’t get me wrong she played Special Agent Ashburn really well but to me its a character we have seen from her before, that stuck up I am better than you attitude but by the end of the movie I will come to realize that I really need a partner.

Besides the two main characters there is no reason for this movie to be two hours long it just seemed to drag on and on. Oh did I forget to mention Marlon Wayans is in this movie? But they regulate him to a background character and barely use his comedic talent.

My Recommendation:

Just rent it when it comes out on Blu ray or Netflix or Redbox whichever one you like to use. But save your money for one of the big blockbusters that are out there.


6 thoughts on “Does The Heat Sizzle or Fizzle?

  1. I agree with you Shep…


    Sandra Bullock repeats her role as an FBI agent, but this time she is no “Miss Congeniality”. Instead she has become a more feminine, uptight and overachieving version of an FBI Special Agent, Sarah Ashburn, who is difficult to work with because of her egotism and failing ability to work on a team. When a promotion opens up within her department, she has to try and prove herself as a team player by working with the Boston Police Department to take down a major drug lord. Melissa McCarthy stars as a tough and crude Boston detective who induces fear in criminals, her peers, and even her boss. Her character, Mullins, is blunt, slightly mentally unstable, but a confident female character. She is also extremely generous with her use of the F word and other imaginative obscenities, but somehow she manages to show just enough vulnerability to make her likable and entertaining. The two make a less than perfect team causing nothing but chaos with just about every turn.

    My Thoughts:
    The film reminded me of Rush hour, but with two female officers instead. The chemistry between the two actresses is great and they seem to feed off of each other perfectly to create some really great laugh out loud moments. Both of them deliver some hilarious one liner jokes expertly, while still preserving the average person characterization. However, the characters they play feel like recycled versions of those they’ve played before. Bullock, don’t get me wrong, is still loveable, but we’ve seen her in this role before. Unfortunately, I’m forced to ask after seeing it, when will this character end? And isn’t she, the character, tired and overused? I also feel as if Melissa McCarthy may be falling into a rut that she won’t soon escape from with a repeated performance of her Bridesmaid character.

    The film also boasts appearances from, Tom Wilson (whom not matter what movie I see him in, I always think of Biff Tannen), Tony Hale, Michael Rapaport and even Joey McIntyre (yes for all you NKOTB fans, it is him) and YouTube star Spoken Reasons as the drug dealer Rojas. Outlier, Marlon Wayans seems to have had his comedic genius left on the cutting room floor, as he is in few scenes, with few lines, none of which are funny in any way. In addition, the turn his character takes at the end, left me squirming uncomfortably in my seat.

    While the The Heat, does buddy cop comedies more than justice, I believe Bullock fell short of her comedic ability. More of the respect and laugh out loud moments have to go to her partner McCarthy, who carried the entire comedic weight of the film very well. But despite many exhausting laugh sessions throughout the movie, there were at least two moments in the movie where the pacing seems to come to a screeching halt. I found myself feeling like a party goer whose buzz was just killed when the drunkest girl at the party starts crying into her beer.

    My Recommendation:
    All in all, this is a great laugh out loud comedy, which is not over thought and doesn’t require any overthinking. However, it is probably best reserved for DVD list or Netflix waiting line. If you are going to spend money at the theater, you may want to skip this one and see a blockbuster instead.

    • All NKTOB fans that including you right? lol

      Yeah I heard a few people mention Spoken Reason but I guess I am just not hip on the You Tube Celbes.

      • Oh yeah, me the NKTOB fan… You should try harder to keep up with you internet celebrities sir… You may need it in the future…

      • Sorry was not big into the NKTOB, BSB, or 98 degrees. Only reason I knew anything about them was due to girls liking them. 😉

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