Don Jon: Conquer or Conquered



    Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)  is a man who is dedicated to a few things in life his family, his pad, his car, his boys, and his girls. His friends call him Don Jon due to the fact that he can pull any girl he wants. His one fault he is addicted to online porn. Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) is the most beautiful thing Jon has ever seen and can’t get her out of his mind. The one problem is she loves romantic movies and believes that they can truly happen in the real world.


My Thoughts:

    Ok I have to give a warning for anyone considering seeing this movie, if pornography offends you this movie is not for you and you should probably just avoid it. Jon is a porn addict at one point he is viewing it 46 times in one day. Tits and Ass are flashed on the screen a lot in this movie. Sadly it is not Scarlett Johansson though you do get a peek at her. And for the ladies out there if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is your man than this is a movie for you since he offers  you plenty of eye candy.


    This movie is really about Jon coming to realize that he really does have a problem. To him viewing porn is a natural thing and he doesn’t think twice about it and doesn’t understand why people have trouble accepting what he does. Barbara on the other hand lives in the clouds, she has watched too many romantic movies and believes what she sees on the screen should happen to her in real life and can’t accept anything or anyone that does not see it her way.


My Recommendation:

    This movie is not going to be for everyone. The story is good but not great. The acting is great in my opinion, just hearing Scarlett Johansson doing a south jersey accent is just sexy in my opinion. With this movie coming out in October I will say go ahead and see it in the theaters. But if you are on the fence with this movie give it a shot you may just turn out and like it.



    This will be the last review by me for a week or so due to screening the majority of movies coming out the last two weeks. My friend Melissa who just reviewed The Kings of Summer for me will be reviewing After Earth.


    The Awesome Movie Podcast will be recording Friday night and our next episode should be up for your listening pleasure this Sunday. So please stop on by and give it a listen.


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