World War Z Review



Former UN investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt)  is brought back to active duty to find ground zero of the Zombie outbreak that is spreading across the world with no end in sight.

My Thoughts:

First off let me say that there are probably going to be minor spoilers in the review below. I try my best to not spoil anything and I will not be giving away the larger picture of the movie but I just want to say that there might be certain things talked about that could be considered spoilers. So you have been warned.

I went into this movie thinking I was not going to like it and it wasn’t cause I have read the book and knew that they were changing it. Though I think some of my friends that had read the book were partially influencing me in my view of the movie. The big influence is that I am just getting tired of Zombies. I mean we have movies, books, television shows, comics, and just about anything you can think of in pop culture is saturated with zombies.

So it took me aback when watching this movie that I was thinking to myself “Wow I do not hate this movie. Actually I am enjoying myself.” And it is an enjoyable movie with its high points and low points. One of the things that I enjoyed seeing was the naval fleet being used to house survivors and as a staging base. Most zombie movies you do not here squat about all the ships that are out there and how effective they are in repelling the zombies or surviving and so it was great to finally see it in a movie. I remarked to E-Roc from The Awesome Movie Podcast that this movie was almost like watching a video game play out. You have the main character and he is going from one place to another and it just has that video game feeling to it.

But yes there are some bad things in here as well. The first and foremost was the shaky camera effect. I thought we had moved away from this? In the opening sequence it is so bad that I thought I was going to be physically sick with all the camera spinning and cutting and zooming I mean enough is enough I get it its chaos on the ground, people do not know what is happening and panicking you don’t need to violently move the camera around for me to get that effect.

The second thing that isn’t really necessary in my books is 3D. I have mentioned it previously I am not a fan of 3D. There are only a handful of movies that I think have done it really well and most of them are animations. World War Z does not need to be 3D the only reason it is 3D is so the studios can charge you more to see the movie. Also 3D in the second row is not good either. but that is another story.

And my last real nitpicking of it was when we see Gerry go to a WHO Research Laboratory and of course the items that he needs to get are in a part of the Lab that has been overrunned by zombies. And that isn’t really my criticism. This place has state of the art surveillance but it seems that when they have an outbreak there are no safety protocols in place to lock down a single room or even section to contain the outbreak.  I mean we are talking about a place that does research on deadly and highly contagious diseases and you have nothing in place to contain say the employee that exposes himself in the room that he is working in.

But besides those thing mentioned I really did enjoy this movie and would watch it again. E-Roc who has read the book was one of those people going into the movie wanting to hate it due to all the changes he had seen they made while watching the trailers and he came out maybe not loving or liking it but definitely not hating it.

My Recommendation:

Go see it. It is a good movie to see. If you are a zombie fan I know you are already going to go see it. If you are a fan of the book and are hating on it go see it. Go in with an open mind cause it isn’t the book and believe me I understand your feelings about that, but that is another story, but they do draw or pull some elements from the book and use them in the movie.

Movie Info:

Release Date: June 21, 2012

Category: Drama/Horror

Rating: PG-13

Director: Marc Forster

Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof (screenplay), Matthew Michael Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski (screen story) and Max Brooks (novel)

Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, Matthew Fox, and Fana Mokoena

4 thoughts on “World War Z Review

  1. I have read the book (and am a fan) so I’m a little worried on how far from the book they really have gone. I’m still excited to see this movie cause I am a HUGE zombie fan (actually its borderline ridiculous – just ask my wife lol) Unfortunately for me I have to wait to see the movie, going to see it July 8th.

    • E-Roc whom I mentioned in the review has also read the book and went in there just wanting to hate it. He came out not hating it but also not loving it, I think he mainly enjoyed it as a movie. And from what he told me about the book afterwards there is a lot changed from book to movie. They did seem to incorporate somethings into the movie or at least take some inspiration from the book.

      I know how you guys are feeling though The Count of Monte Cristo and Ender’s Game are two of my favorite books and Hollywood has already butchered one book and the other comes out in movie format this fall.

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