To Do List Review



Brandy Clark (Aubrey Plaza) just graduated valedictorian from her High School and preparing to go to college. To celebrate her friends Fiona (Alia Shawkat) and  Wendy (Sarah Steele) take her to a kegger where she lays eyes on Rusty Waters (Scott Porter) and she determines that she must have him, but there is one slight problem, she is a virgin. In being that perfect student Brandy did not have time to pursue parties or boys so what does she do? She does what she has always done, make a list of all the different sexual acts that she has heard or can think of. With list in hand she sets out to broaden her experience and soliciting advice from Fiona, Wendy and her sister Amber (Rachel Bilson) .

My Thoughts:

I did not really know what to expect going into this movie. For one it was delayed by the studios and that is never a good sign. Two you see the trailers and you know overall what the movie is going to be about, a girl  who hasn’t had any sexual experience going around checking off different acts from her sex list. But I have to say I enjoyed this movie I was laughing throughout this movie and that is a good thing, especially for a comedy. I mean in this day and age some comedies show so much of the movie in the trailers that you walk out of the movie saying “man all the jokes were in the trailers”. This is not the case with this movie and for good reasons since a lot of the jokes revolve around Brandy and her sexual exploits. I shouldn’t have to say this but since this is a movie about sex but there is sexual and crude humor in this movie so if this is not your cup of tea you will not like this movie.

This movie takes place in the Summer of ’93 and let me tell you anyone that grew up in the 90s is going to have a great time reminiscing due to set designs, the soundtrack, the fashion and even some of the old popular sayings. This movie is a blast from the past for  me because I myself was going to High School in this time and so I can relate to some of the things that are happening in the movie. So to me that is another plus for the movie that it did its homework and made you feel like you were back in 1993.

Another factor for this movie is the amazing actors that it had, the top of course being Clark Gregg aka Agent Coulson from the Marvel Universe, Rachel Bilson who I have loved since I laid eyes on her as Lou from Chuck. You have Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights. Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad and Kick-Ass. Donald Glover from Community, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader of SNL fame,  and Johnny Simmons from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. There are plenty more that I could list but you get my drift the list of actors in here are amazing.

At the screening they gave us a card full of fun facts for 1993 and I thought I would list some of them just for fun:


Movie Ticket: $4.14

Gallon of Gas: $1.16

Annual Income: $31,300


Popular Products:

Trapper Keepers

Lisa Frank






The World Wide Web was born

First Webcam used

Floppy Disks

CDs begin to replace cassette tapes


My Recommendation:

If you are out there looking for a fun movie and you have already seen This is the End then I would recommend this movie. Its not a blockbuster by any stretch and was surprised that it was pushed back to a summer opening, but it is a good solid movie in my opinion. Again its not going to be for everyone and that is okay.

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