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Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is a Boston Police Officer who loses his life when a bust goes wrong. But this does not mean the end of Nick’s police career, as he joins the R.I.P.D.. And is now tasked with going after those people that have died but do not wish to leave the mortal realm. Nick is partnered with Roy (Jeff Bridges) a law man you served in the 1800s and hasn’t quite gotten over his death.


Following Review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

My Thoughts:

I wish I could give this movie top marks but it just doesn’t really measure up. I didn’t have to many expectations going into this screening but I was hoping that it would at least be an enjoyable ride. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges do have some good chemistry together when they are finally partnered up on screen. Reynolds plays the modern cop who is now trying to cope with being dead and serving on the R.I.P.D.. Bridges plays a law man that was alive during the 1800s and is not really up to date on how the modern world handles going after the bad guys. Which leads to some good comedic moments between the two.

What didn’t work for me though is the pace of this movie, it was like we need to show this to get to this to get to this so we can do this and it just doesn’t all come together. We open up to Nick (Ryan Reynolds) burying something in his backyard and then waking up to his wife coming into the bedroom where they try to show us that Nick is a good guy. We then cut to the Boston Police locker room where we meet Hayes (Kevin Bacon) who is Nick’s partner. There is something going on between the two but again due to the pacing of this movie we do not really get the back story. We then get shuffled off to a bust of some drug/crime lord that they have been chasing after for some time and things do not go Nick’s way.

In comes Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) who seems to be in a position of power within the R.I.P.D. but again this is never really explained. We aren’t really given a lot of background information on the R.I.P.D. we are told that they were formed to track down deaders who escape from Judgement and head back to Earth. To me it was like an abridged scene from Men in Black when Will Smith is brought in, but doesn’t quite get up to MIB status.

Also lost in the rushing of the story is what the deaders are planning back on Earth we get a brief glimpse of it during the jail break scene and the consequences that fall out afterwards. Which again is given a rush treatment, we get the basic information needed to move the story along but beyond that nothing else.

Then comes the finale and keeping with the rest of the movie there goes the finale. I did not really feel any emotional connection at the end of this movie. The characters are almost just cookie cutter characters there to serve their purpose but we never see behind them to understand why they are the way they are, this is even with Nick and Roy the main characters where we get hints of things they have done in their past. Then like every movie that comes out nowadays we get 3D which again is not needed for this movie. The special effects are ok but not great.

My Recommendation:

Wait for this movie on Redbox, Netflix, or HBO because it isn’t worth the price of matinee admission.

Movie Info:

Release Date: July 19, 2013

Run Time: 96 min

Rating: PG – 13

Category: Action/Comedy

Director: Robert Schwentke

Writers: Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (screenplay), David Dobkin, Phil Hay, and Matt Manfredi (story), Peter M. Lenkov (Dark Horse Comic)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, Jeff Bridges and Mary-Louise Parker

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