We’re the Millers Review

were the millersSummary:

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) a small time pot dealer who gets into some trouble with his boss Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) when he loses all his drugs and money. Brad’s solution to the problem is to send David down to Mexico to pick up a smidge of pot and bring it back. David realizing that if he goes down alone would send up red flags to the border guards, so he hires himself a family.

My Thoughts

I think this movie knocked This is the End out of the top spot for comedy movie of the year. I have to applauded them for one thing that I have been harping on for most movies and that is material used in the trailer. Most movies such as The Heat this year seemed to have put all their best material in the trailer while We’re the Millers put only some of their best material in the trailer and left plenty in the movie for us to enjoy.

And I am sure some people will give me a lot of flack for this but Jennifer Aniston playing Rose O’Reilly the stripper next door neighbor was very sexy as a stripper. Will Poulter playing Kenny Rossmore   the left at home nerdy kid with a good heart had some great scenes that make you bust out laughing. Every guy will want to wish to be in his place when he learns how to kiss a girl. Emma Roberts plays Casey Mathis who is a runaway kid living on the street, there is times when it seems she isn’t in the foreground a lot but the scenes she is in are great and it could be said that she is the reason that the Millers start to come together as a real family.

I think this movie is placed pretty well in this high blockbuster summer, right now we have not had a really great R rated comedy since This is the End all the way back at the beginning of the Summer. This will be a good break for the parent to leave the kids with a sitter and go have a good laugh.

Oh and I do have to say it was great seeing Molly C. Quinn from the hit TV Show Castle on the big screen playing Melissa Fitzgerald the daughter of fellow RV travelers who seem to keep bumping into the Millers.

My Recommendation:

If you haven’t figured it out yet I thoroughly enjoyed this movie it is a great comedy in my opinion and if you are looking for a good laugh I recommend going to see this movie.




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