Universal Pictures Official Tribute to Paul Walker

paul walker

As many of you know this past Saturday we lost Paul Walker of Fast and Furious Franchise. I for one loved this Franchise and own all the movies on Blu Ray and have already preordered the new one.

With the passing of Paul Walker Universal Pictures has announced that they will be donating a percentage of the sales from the DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and On Demand to Paul Walker’s charity Reach Out Worldwide. Reach Out Worldwide is a network of professionals who have first responder skill-sets who help out local expertise when natural disasters strike in order to help accelerate relief efforts. So if you want to help out you can buy the Movie when it comes out on December 10th or donate on the homepage.

At the time of his death Fast & Furious 7 was in the middle of shooting. Universal Pictures and James Wan have put production of the film on hold while they let Paul Walkers friends and family mourn the lost as well as Universal and James figure out what would be the best direction for the Franchise to take.

Also Universal Pictures has put out a touching tribute to Paul Walker:


R.I.P. Paul Walker you will be missed.

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