The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

**********Warning the following article may contain spoilers. You have been Warned!*******************


Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of super-villains against him, impacting his life.

My Thoughts:

I have to say that this was one of the movies I have been looking forward to since the end of the first The Amazing Spider-Man. So let us just delve into what we are getting in the sequel.

It has been a couple of months since the end of the first movie, and Spidey is doing his thing, saving average citizens. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are graduating High School and moving forward in their lives. Though, Peter is still plagued by the promise he made to Gwen’s dad at the end of the first movie. This movie focuses a lot on the Peter/Gwen storyline and if you are a fan of the comics or just know Spidey lore, you will understand why this is such a big focus in this movie. Even with the necessity of this story line, I think that the movie focuses too much on it at times and slows down the pace of the movie; it is over two hours long.

The big concern going into this movie is that it was going to be overburdened with villains al la Spider-Man 3. To me, this was not the case. The first villain we get introduced to is Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) who, with some of his companions, is robbing an Oscorp truck when Spidey comes and saves the day. We don’t see Aleksei again until towards the end of the movie when he is recruited by Mr. Fierce.

The second villain and really the main guy in this movie is Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx). I am sad to say this, but seeing the origin story of Electro made me think of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman Returns; they just added electricity and bio-engineered eels which somehow effect Max and change him into the villain Electro. Once you get passed that though, I have to say Electro is awesome; they are taking the Electro from the Ultimate ‘verse, and the end battle is one not to be missed.

The third villain we get in this movie is Harry Osborn/Green Goblin. Harry comes back into town to see his father before he passes away. It seems that the Osborn family have a genetic curse which we heard about in the first movie. Remember, Doc Connors was working on trying to find a cure for Norman Osborn. Norman tells his son about the curse and passes on all his knowledge that he has accumulated over the years. Harry comes to find out that his best friend’s father was working with his father to try to find a cure using spiders. Harry puts two and two together and figures out that Spider-Man is the result of that research and figures that if he uses Spidey’s blood, it might save him from the curse. Let’s just say that things don’t go well and Harry dons the green armor to become Green Goblin.

We do get a Stan Lee cameo and it is alright–not the best one that he has done, though.

From all I have read on the internet, there is suppose to be an Easter Egg in the credits, but for some reason, we did not get anything at the screening I went to.

My Recommendation:

Even though it may seem like I have a lot of complaints about this movie, it is still a good movie. It is not on the Captain America 2 level, but this is an enjoyable Summer movie with some great action scenes. I have to say, I didn’t find it worth watching in 3D.

Movie Info:

Release Date:

2 May 2014


PG – 13

Run Time:

142 mins


Marc Webb


Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner (screenplay), Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, James Vanderbilt (screen story), Stan Lee, Steve Ditko (comics)


Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Embeth Davidtz, Campbell Scott, Marton Csokas, Louis Cancelmi, Max Charles, B.j. Novak, Sarah Gadon, Michael Massee

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