22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street Review

**********Warning the following article may contain spoilers. You have been Warned!*******************


After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) when they go deep undercover at a local college. But when Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the football team and Schmidt infiltrates the bohemian art major scene, they begin to question their partnership. Now they don’t have to just crack the case –they have to figure out if they can have a mature relationship. If these two overgrown adolescents can grow from freshmen into real men, college might be the best thing that ever happened to them.

My Thoughts:

Going into this movie, I was worried that it was not going to be able to hold up to what, to me, was one of the funniest movies I had seen. I am happy to say that this movie is full of laughs and they do not show you all the funny parts in the commercials or trailers which is always a big worry for me with these types of movies.

Just like in the first movie, they are not afraid to poke fun at themselves or some of the movies the actors have starred in since the first movie. So you could say that they keep themselves grounded by using this humor to make fun of the first movie as well as the movie they are currently in. And just like the first one, we do get some cameos that provide us with a good laugh.

In this movie, at first, the running gag is that it is exactly the same movie as the first one except that they are going to be going to college instead of high school. They beat you over the head with how close it resembles the first movie, but don’t worry, they quickly start finding out that things are not what they appear to be. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) go to college to find a new drug that is being sold on campus and things are just not going well for them because most of the students either believe they are cops or that they are just too damn old to be in college. Jenko is finding himself drawn into college football and wondering if he should pursue it full-time. Schmidt is still the same: he is the brains of the operation; but he also has the clingy/romantic story line in the movie which leads us to some of the funniest moments in the movie, if I do say so myself. So, we get the story line of them tracking down the drug and those supplying the drug to the school, but we also get to see Schmidt and Jenko come to realize what it is they really want out of life and each other.

My Recommendation:

If you are looking for a great comedy, this is going to be the one for you. I would have to say that it is close to being as good as the first one.

Movie Info:

Release Date:

13 June 2014



Run Time:


Phil Lord and Chris Miller


Michael Bacall and Jonah Hill (story), Michael Bacall, Rodney Rothman, and Oren Uziel (screenplay)


Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens, Jimmy Tatro, Wyatt Russell, Jillian Bell, Dax Flame


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