Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Review

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Review

**********Warning the following article may contain spoilers. You have been Warned!*******************


Larry spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.

My Thoughts:

I have always enjoyed the Night at the Museum series. I was a volunteer at the Air and Space Museum shortly after the movie was released, so it was fun interacting with the visitors that came in and asked about all the things they saw in the movie. Yes, they are not completely accurate, but they are still fun to watch.

This time, there is something wrong with the tablet that brings the exhibits to life and the only one that can help them out is Ankmenrah’s father, Merenkahre, played by acting great Ben Kingsley. The problem? Merenkahre is in the British Museum.

We get to see what it is like for the exhibits when they are brought to life for the first time and how confusing and disconcerting it can be for them trying to figure out what is going on. We get to see this most prominently from Sir Lancelot’s (Dan Stevens’s) point of view as he helps out the New York visitors get through the museum.

Now, for all intents and purposes, this is the last Night at the Museum movie (at least, it seems that way for Ben Stiller). However, they did kind of set it up for Rebel Wilson who plays Tilly, a security guard at the British Museum. I will probably get flack for this, but I hope this isn’t so. I am not a big Rebel Wilson fan. I think she is good as a secondary actress, but I don’t think she can really hold her own in the primary role. She, like Melissa McCarthy, are one-trick ponies; they do the same shtick over and over again and never seem to bring anything new to the table.

This movie is not an all-time great movie, but it is a cute, funny movie that will take your mind of the real world for 90 mins. So, this holiday season, if you are looking for something funny to watch, you can’t go wrong with choosing a movie such as this.

My Recommendation:

Fans of the series will enjoy this latest installment in the franchise. Others, if you haven’t seen the first two, you should and then watch this one.

Movie Info:

Release Date:

19 December 2014



Run Time:

Not Yet Released


Shawn Levy


David Guion, Michael Handelman (screenplay), Mark Friedman, David Guion, Michael Handelman (story), Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant (characters)


Dan Stevens, Robin Williams, Rebel Wilson, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Ben Kingsley, Rami Malek, Mizuo Peck, Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke, Crystal the Monkey, Rachael Harris, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Bill Cobbs

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