Seventh Son Review

Seventh Son Review

**********Warning the following article may contain spoilers. You have been Warned!*******************


Young Thomas is apprenticed to the local Spook to learn to fight evil spirits. His first great challenge comes when the powerful Mother Malkin escapes her confinement while the Spook is away.

My Thoughts:

This is your standard February movie, meaning that if it was placed in the blockbuster block it would definitely be a bomb. I still do not think that it was a great movie or even a good movie at its best Seventh Son is an okay movie.

A running theme with some of the past movies I have reviewed is that the special effects and action scenes worked really well and looked good but the writing and even some of the acting just falls so short in the movie that you are going really?! i say this because we are getting these I will start calling them the Winter Block movies that have these big named actors that you know can act but seem stuck with either how the director or the writers lock them in.

Take Jeff Bridges, we all know this man can act but it seems when he got chosen for this character he went “oh I know the perfect character for this guy” and dusted off Roy from R.I.P.D (see our review here). Though Jeff Bridges does have a bar fight scene that I thought was really well done and was fun to watch. But that is what you get from most of the cast through this movie, you will get these flashes of good acting but then they seem to get sucked back into the abyss and continue on with what they were given us before. Oh and if you are looking for a big performance from Jon Snow aka Kit Harington you will be disappointed. I was hoping that we would get to see him redeem his big screen acting chops and make us forget that crap of a movie Pompeii (review) he gave us the year before.

This is a pretty standard by the numbers fantasy movie with nothing really new to offer the audience. You have a knight who belongs to an order that back in its heyday was a great and respected group but now is barely respected. Darkness has returned to the land and it is up to this Knight along with his new apprentice that he has to train in the time it takes to journey to where the darkness is gathering. We get that whole the bad guys have to wait until a certain time to gain ultimate power so they can take over the world but throughout the movie you see them beating up and taking on Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) and his Apprentice Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) when they could have pretty much killed them at anytime. They also take on and destroy a whole city, I mean what more are you waiting for if you already have that kind of power before your ceremony that is going to give you greater power?  I get this is a movie and it would be over quickly if they did this but then do not put them in situations that they are facing off against these enemies  and you are showing us that they are more powerful then the good guys and could easily defeat them at will but don’t for some strange reason.

I am trying to think of some good points that I can make about this movie that I haven’t already commented on but it is difficult. The cinematography I thought was pretty good over all. Some of the actions scenes are really well done as well. Story/Plot fails in its execution. Acting just seems like most of them phoned it in or where not allowed to let their acting chops fly.

My Recommendation:

You know I was on the fence with what I was going to recommend for this movie but the more I wrote up my review the more I came to realize I could not tell you guys to go pay money for this at the theaters. So my recommendation is to Rent It.

Movie Info:

Release Date:

6 February 2015


PG – 13

Run Time:

102 min


Sergey Bodrov


Charles Leavitt and Steven Knight (screenplay), Matt Greenberg (screen story), Joseph Delaney (novel)


Ben Barnes, Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Jeff Bridges, Djimon Hounsou, Olivia Williams, Antje Traue, Jason Scott Lee, Kandyse McClure, David Cubitt, Gereard Plunkett, Julian Black Antelope, Luc Roderique, Lilah Fitzgerald

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