Hello, Readers,

My name is Allen “Shep” Shepherd, and I am one-fourth of The Awesome Movie Podcast. What is The Awesome Movie Podcast, you ask? It is a group of  four friends that get together after watching a movie (that was predetermined at the last meeting) and talking about it, be it loving it, hating it, or breaking down what the movie did well or not so well. We try to broadcast two podcasts a month, but real life can sometimes take us off schedule.

But why do you all need to know this? Well, one, I probably would not have gotten the idea to do this blog if it wasn’t for them. I have been lucky enough to get passes to movie screenings before they are available to the public. So, I am taking my great fortune and really just getting my opinion out there by writing reviews about the movies that I have seen. If I do not get to screen movies before they come out, I will still try my best to see them and write a review in the first week that the movie is out. The Awesome Movie Podcast is also working on getting press passes so we can bring more reviews to you.

I am lucky enough to have friends that share in my passion for going to movies and events and want to share their experiences with everyone. So, please, go to the Reviews section and check them out.

Another thing I have decided to do for people is to make a section for movie trailers where I will try to keep you all up to date with all the new trailers out there. Believe me, I am the only one that really edits this site, and with a full-time, job trying to keep up with all of the trailers that come out can be a pain in the arse.

I welcome you to take a look around. Please comment on sections that you find amusing or heck, if you hate a review I have written, let me know, and we can talk about it.

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