Dazed and Confused – Episode 8 – The Awesome Movie Podcast


That is right guys Episode 8 of The Awesome Movie Podcast is now live. In this episode we delve into Dazed and Confused which came out in September of 1993. Dazed and Confused follows a group of teenagers in their first day of summer in 1976. One of the things I find great about this movie is the amount of talent that they had. Such talent as  Jason London, Joey Lauren Adams, Milla Jovovich, Rory Cochrane, Adam Goldberg, Ben Afflect, Matthew McConaughey and even Renee Zellweger had an uncredited role in this movie.

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Weekend Update

The Awesome Movie Podcast


The Awesome Movie Podcast just finished recording last night. Episode 8 –  Dazed and Confused will  be up tomorrow and I will provide a write up as well as links to where you can listen.

Next week is going to be light on reviews but I will keep you up dated on other movie related subject.

We are hoping Melissa will come back to do another guest review this time on After Earth. This is one movie I am kind of interested in going to see but looks like I will have to spend my own money.

I have also added two new pages to me website. The first one is a Movie Poster page. I did this cause there is just something about movie posters. They are either going to draw you in and make you want to see the movie or they are going to turn you away do to not being quite up to par.

The second page is Movie Trailers. I will still do my write up on some of the big name trailers that come out but I figure it would be great to have an area where I can place trailers and you guys can look at your leisure to see what movies look good.

Well that is enough from me. There are a ton of good movies out there right now. Don’t forget to stop on my poll page and let us know what you plan or what you have already seen this weekend!