Episode 47 – Wreck-It Ralph – The Awesome Movie Podcast

Episode 47 - Wreck-It Ralph - The Awesome Movie Podcast

E-Roc’s Summary:

Episode 47 time is the Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph.   This 2012 movie stars John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch.  The guys get into the movie and talk a lot about the arcade culture in the 80s going into the 90s and how much nostalgia this film has packed into it.   They also try to figure out all the various video game cameo’s and how surprisingly dark and touching this movie is.   Many may just ignore it because it’s a Disney animated film but there’s some real heart and substance to this movie.    It’s worth a viewing if you’ve never seen it.    Hope you enjoy.

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