A Walk Among the Tombstone Review by Melissa

A Walk Among the Tombstone Review by Melissa


Matt Scudder is a retired police officer turned private investigator, dealing with past demons. He is hired to investigate the kidnapping and murder of a local drug trafficker’s wife. As Scudder delves deeper into the woman’s disappearance and death, he finds more than he bargained for. My Thoughts: This film has a straight, up-and-down plot audiences have come to expect from a Liam Neeson flick. There are some tense moments, some physical fights and some heart to the story but don’t expect a major plot twist at the end. Liam Neeson knows where his bread is buttered – fight scenes with hard punches and lots of brooding. Scudder is a damaged man, but somehow still endearing. There is a crime to be solved and bad guys who deserve a good beating. A subplot involving a homeless teen turned sidekick adds warmth to the story, but sometimes gets in the way of plot progression. A solid movie overall. My Recommendation: Worth renting. It’s not as good as other Liam Neeson films (“Taken”), but still enjoyable. Movie Details: Release Date: September 19, 2014 Run Time: 113 minutes Rating: R Director: Scott Frank Writers: Scott Frank (Screenplay) Lawrence Block (Novel) Starring: Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, David Harbour

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